#FathersDay #WillisWednesday Lessons from my father (Visual)

On this upcoming week of I dedicate this song to my father, Michael Willis Sr, and all fathers out there. Through all of our faults and flaws we still have the power to make an impact on our childrens lives. I watched my father bust his ass all my life and he still continues to do so. He provided for my family, gave us a quality of life I could only hope to duplicate for my own family. And though our relationship was not always the best, he has always been there for me. So this song is not a celebration or a testimony but more of an illustration of a dynamic relationship between fathers and children. I only wish I could be half the father my father was for me. I love you Pop, and I appreciate all you have done for me throughout my life.

**** Sorry for the Video. There is some content in the video that isnt blocked by copyrights, but here is the song. Again I apologize for the video****