#WillisWednesday #NewSong Young Fly & Flashy (Prod by Mj Nichols)

Its October 29th, and you know what day it is!!! Happy #WillisWednesday Bitches!!! Yo today I drop a song that I personally love. This is "Young Fly & Flashy" I had this Idea years ago back in like 07 but Its fitting that I finally finish it 7 years later smh. Anyway this is my type of shit, really laid back playa made type shit. I think yall gon dig it too. If you want the song leave me your email and you can download it from the bandcamp link. As always thanks for coming through. I hope you dig the song and come back next week for more #WillisWednesday #Deuces


released 29 October 2014
Produced by Mj Nichols