#WillisWednesday #JusticeForMikeBrown Left to be said (prod. Penacho beats)

For #WillisWednesday This week I felt I needed to do a song that reflected what has been going through my spirit. I hate that I was compelled to write this, I hate the picture I used to promote this song, I hate the sound bytes in this song, and I hate that these events had to happen. Our country is dealing with a lot of open wounds right now and I could allow myself to go another week and not speak up. In just there year alone there have been 3 national headline stories of wrongful deaths involving police officers. One right here in Oklahoma. I didn't want to make this song I felt compelled to make this song. Whether you agree, whether it pisses you off, whether you think Im wrong. I don't give a fuck. In my heart Im mad and Im tired of seeing these wrongful deaths and violent crimes against blacks continuing to happen. I don't know what this is to accomplish. Im not out to accomplish anything with this song besides venting my frustration. that is all


released 27 August 2014