#WillisWednesday #NewMusic - Jone$es (Prod. by G. Cal)

Yo Whats good!! Welcome back for an all new #WILLISWEDNESDAY #AsPromise #NEWSONG #NEWWEEK This time I have a #Reject track from my latest project THE UNDERSTANDING available now!! Its called "Jone$es" and with tax season approaching I think it only fits the sentiment. Its a song about making sound financial decisions. I wanted to make a song discussing the 2 different attitudes of ppl with money. The ppl who spend all their time worried about spending and the ppl who try to make money work for them. I really didnt wanna get too serious on this one, but I know its a subject worth talking about. I have more music in the works on economics. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this song. Take a moment and download the app, download the album, and stay tuned. A lot of great things coming in 2014. Love you guys. Peace

Willis - Jone$es