#WILLISWEDNESDAY #NEWMUSIC @MrWillis405 - Expensive Tastes (prod. by @RndySvge)

#ASPROMISED You know what day it is...#WILLISWEDNESDAY!!! Once again, back bringing ya'll these Banging records. New Music every week, every Wednesday And Im still going., I aint done!!! This is my latest song I finished working on a few days ago. I was thumbing through a few men's style magazines and I just got the idea to do a fly joint like this. To me it speaks to ambition and having the desire for the finer things in life. Shouts out @RndySvge for this dope as track. #DOPEPRODUCER Follow him. Anyway Take a listen and let me know what you think. Come back next Wednesday for more new music from MrWillis. Enjoy. #GONE
released 14 August 2013
Produced by @RndySvge