#OKLAHOMAMUSIC @OneFrankBlack - Unquestionable Truth *Album* available for DL now!!!

By Grayt with Pairadimemusic.com

Beeeeeeeen waiting on this one. Frank Black is without a doubt one of my favorite artists in the entire state of Oklahoma. There’s something about his voice and flow that makes you pay attention to every word the man has to say. It took about 17 seconds before I started nodding my head ferociously. Frank’s infectious like that. The production, from my understanding, was done completely by Frank and DJ Chips, who also handled the mixing of the project.

One thing this project has is soul. The musicianship demonstrates that, but it’s more so in the content that Frank chooses to reflect upon that really emphasizes it. Earlier when I mentioned his voice, it’s one of the deeper, more recognizable ones in the state, so when he comes with these monster hooks like he does on this project, then it makes it rather tough not to jam intensely.

“Top 10 in the city and I don’t even have an album out” is something he boasts on the second track, “Lord” (an amazing track). That is proven in full on this project; I’d say more like top 5 though. The man makes some great riding music, has no problem articulating what exactly he thinks is going on around him and has some pretty impeccable wordplay while not dropping the ball on lengthy metaphors. It’s impressive to say the very bare minimum. The features include fellow Puzzle People Beetyman, Jabee, L.T.Z. and BlackTop Democracy’s Tom Tucker. If you’re trying to pinpoint Frank Black’s sound, here is a good place to start: Imagine Freddie Gibbs’ ease of flow with the smoothness of Dom Kennedy and the right amount of southern influence. He is a wonderful representative of what people should be drawn to musically in Oklahoma.

The album is in contention for project of the year in OKC as far as I’m concerned and Frank is someone the state should be excited about getting behind. Believe in this man and his music. I sure do. If you don’t know, you will after the first listen. Make sure and check it out, and if you dig, which you will so let’s just skip to the next part, buy it at your own price (I just did) on his bandcamp. Also, let the man himself know what you think about it on Twitter.