#WillisWednesday/// @MrWillis405 Ft Soul - Sumpthin 4 da S.L.A.B.

New Song of the week, "Sumpthin 4 da S.L.A.B." featuring my boy SOUL. This song is talking about my childhood life behind the dashboard. I wanted to capture the feeling of growing up waiting for my chance to drive. I start with the talking about my family and how cars played into the relationship between the men in the family. Then I go back to when I first started driving and how much fun I had with my crew riding in the city. Then my boy, Soul Smith came and blessed the backgrounds and had the idea for the change up at the end. I love working with innovative musical minds. He made this song one of my favorites for real. Anyway, I thank you for checking it out. Be sure and subscribe by email. #peace