#WillisWednesday @MrWillis405 ft Reazon - Game Over

This is my latest release "Game Over". I made the beat with the sample from Faith Evans "The way you used to love me". I thought it was a really smooth song and I always wanted to sample it. I chose to do this song because I noticed how many ppl these days just allow themselves to get played so hard. Love can be a confusing thing and many of us wind up falling for the wrong type of ppl. So I chose to hit this topic in a way that empowered the person who had been treated unfairly and kinda gave a lil game at the same time. Young Boys, young woman, you might learn something lol. Enjoy


  1. I posted this under my lame section!

    1. lol Ok. Thanks for the feedback man. Check me out on Wednesday I'll have some new music for you.

  2. Hey thanks for checking out the song. Stay tuned I'm dropping new music every week


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