Artist Spotlight!!! @CoachKarter

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Coach Karter’s Biography
Coach Karter (Born Jeremy Ray Glenn, July 17th 1986) is new to the music scene but is very talented, marketable and commercial. He was born in L.A., lived in Las Vegas until the age of 14, then finished high school and college in Louisiana. Coach conducted a passion for music at a young age after his mother’s death. He listened to artist such as 2pac and Snoop Dogg using their music as an outlet from internal wounds.
Coach eventually understood the concepts of songs, subject matter and personalities. He decided to go that route. He has made 3 mixtapes in the past building a loyal fan base in his local areas. Coach’s first mixtape, “Da Make Over” was pushed the summer of 2005 with only the support of his older cousin Oliver. Their goal was to connect with the public to expose his talent. His second mixtape, “Da New Era” was released during the summer of 2006 showing consistency and growth. This mixtape is where people made comparisons of his style and where he stands as an artist. By the time the third mixtape “Psychological Exercise” was released, it was co-signed by the public that the kid had a lot of talent and he was going to be the industries new discover. The mixtape was put in the hands of producers such as, Big Phazz, Ishmael Jones, and DJ Headkrack just to name a few. Ishmael Jones reached out to Coach to give him his opinion and critique him. His motivational words were as said, “The lyrics are there, there’s no doubt about it. But you need to focus on making more songs or trying to make hits because that’s the only way you’re going to get a deal.” So Coach more importantly listened and took his advice and got back in the lab.
Now for Coach, being a college graduate with a degree in business management always had him in doubt if the music was his calling. Coach kept writing though. He once said, “I kept trying to give it up but my mind was racing for words and meaningful stories.” He’s currently working on his most anticipated fourth mixtape entitled “Road To Success”.
2011 has been his most productive year. He teamed up with an old college friend, Rap artist J.Bles and shot a video to “Feelin Myself” which was directed by Chris Scales. Coach has performed in Ringgold, La. at an annual festival and J.Bles introduced him to Atlanta by letting him perform at his mixtape release party. The most recent show was when he performed at the “College Battle of the Bands which was sponsored by AT&T. it’s evident that Coach has been through tribes and tribulation, but he has still manage to pursue his dreams and perfect his craft.