Recap: Hip Hop Topia @ Bad Granny's Bazaar, 2/1/13

 Written By: Christopher G. Acoff

Bad Granny's Bazaar, was the place to be last Friday Night, located in the Plaza District of Oklahoma City. A night of Hip-Hop Topia, with local artist such as MilitantxMindz, aDDlib, and The Greatz. Before the show, several of the artist had never met before,which gave this event a perfect chance to network and help build structure to Oklahoma City's Underground Hip-Hop scene. After the show, the artist recieved large amounts of praise from other artist. The day after twitter feeds such as this; "Motiv‏ @IAmTheMotiv last nights show was some real shit @OriginalFlow @MILITANTXMINDZ1 @aDDLib a tiny show in the back of a thrift store and still got hype AF!!" Were popping up all over the social media sites. The local artist didnt stop there. Before the big show, the artist created a promo video at the Urban Roots, in Oklahoma City's Bricktown.

To find out more about these artist follow these links provided;
1. MilitantxMindz:
2. aDDlib:
3. The Greatz:
4. Original Flow:


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