My Top #10WorstFeelings

10. #10WorstFeelings knowing u could have had something but realizing u never tried

9. #10WorstFeelings Seeing someone suffering but not being able to do anything to help

8. #10WorstFeelings Someone believing u to be a liar when ur telling the truth

7. #10WorstFeelings being in love with someone who wants ur friend instead

6. #10WorstFeelings feeling like you're disappointing God

5. #10WorstFeelings  When u know that someone you've admired and respected for a long time, is full of shit

4. #10WorstFeelings  Coming home and your former lover just moved out

3. #10WorstFeelings  spending extended amounts of time with ppl whom u share a mutual dislike

2. #10WorstFeelings  The moment ur in the middle of speaking and someone speaks over you and drowns u out of conversation

1. #10WorstFeelings  The silence in the room when you've disappointed your mother