!!!My Top 10!!! @mrwillis - Dream hosts for #SNL

10 #SNLHost Will Smith #SNLMusic LL Cool J

I never understood why they havent worked together on anything but to see these 2 on SNL. Would be a Great episode

9 #SNLHost Shaq #SNLMusic Snoop Dogg

We all know shaq can be goofy as hell when he wants to be. I'd love to see him wilding out on SNL.

8 #SNLHost Floyd Mayweather Jr. #SNLMusic 50 Cent

Yeah I know these niggas beefing but how cool would it be to see the money team back together on SNL tho.

7 #SNLHost #SNLMusic Drake

Though I know he was a Degrassi kid back in the day, we rarely see Drizzy's acting skills. It might be cool to see him hosting.

6 #SNLHost Kevin Hart #SNLMusic Rick Ross

Little Big Man, K. Hart would kill on SNL. And a great performance by Rozay wouldnt hurt either.

5 #SNLHost Denzel Washington #SNLMusic R. Kelly

We've never really seen Denzel doing comedic acting before I think it might be cool to see. The R in R+B would definitely bring the big guns that night as well.

4 #SNLHost Eddie Murphy #SNLMusic Stevie Wonder

The Return of the Legend and the presence of the Artist formerly known as would be hot. Especially if u add in a Chappelle show style Charlie Murphy Skit.

3 #SNLHost Beyonce #SNLMusic The Throne

The Carter Administration would shut 30 Rock Down!!! I think the cast would be too nervous tho. Alotta Black star Power #BSP

2 #SNLHost Dave Chappelle #SNLMusic The Roots

Its a long shot but Dave Hosting SNL would be dream come true to everyone who misses his show. And with the Roots along for the ride I would definitely be a classic Show

1 #SNLHost Barack Obama SNLMusic Nas

Need I say more. It couldnt be while Barack is still in office though. He couldnt say nothing right now. But after he's out of office, Fuck it. He should go in. It'd have to be in black history month tho lol.