@mrwillis405 - My Top 10 #TwitterIsNotForYouIf

10. #TwitterIsNotForYouIf u beat around the bush.

9. like long ass sentences.

8. #TwitterIsNotForYouIf u always beefing...whaddup @ChrisBrown?

7. u type slow. TT's will be gon by the time u finish

6. u r not good with text language. "OOMF had me ROTFL from what I saw on they TL lol TTYL "

5. if u cant drunk text that good

4. u gotta old ass phone. If u gotta login from a browser...just stop

3.  if its linked to your blackplanet page

2.  ur anti social. Fuck u and ya locked tweets

1.  u dont have a sense of humor. Take yo serious ass back to myspace