THE DEMO TAPE cover art!!! Dropping June 1st!!!

In 3 days I drop my latest project "THE DEMO TAPE"  as an Online release. This will be the 1st of many projects I have slated to release this year. THE DEMO TAPE features songs; a blend of original tracks as well as commercially used tracks. I'm having trouble with DATPIFF at the moment so idk if it will be available on there, but it will definitely be available on my BANDCAMP page as well as HOTNEWHIPHOP.COM. The Picture is the front cover of the Mixtape, I designed myself. I wanted to keep it simple and wanted the actually feel of a demo tape. I used the brushed font to make it look like actually handwriting and I put the 84 Baby Logo at the left bottom corner just as a shout out to my crew.

The reason I call it "The Demo Tape" is because to me, demo tapes represented a time in hip hop where people actually wanted to discover raw talent. A time where there weren't 8,000 rappers in one city. It brings me back to the freestyle circle when you really had to have balls to even put ya self out there like that. Cause people really wanted to hear u rhyme, and kick some hot shit. So thats why I wanted to call it "The Demo Tape". Because even though the actual cassette tape is dead, the feeling doesn't have to be. The love, the artistic expression and that raw passion can still thrive and thats what Im giving with this project.

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