Psalms of Redemption 1

So I have a cousin in the penitentiary and we often write one another letters to keep in touch. Since I began writing him every letter has contained poem he's written while locked up. So I told him I would begin a series on this blog, to give his work an audience and possibly get some feed back for him. I ask that if you do read the poetry to please comment. They will be passed on.

With that said I introduce "Psalms of Redemption"

This is a poem I was sent recently he wrote to send to his daughter that I call, "A Fathers Love" 

in the midst of times cloud
you're seen as more than truth, beauty, determination
with closed eyes promises are made
that allow for the future to unfold in you lap
while reality strikes as coincidence
from this angle wishes are thrown towards mail flaps
standing aside while your wings flap is more difficult than realized
even in all the radiance of your twinkle
an illumination of something more lies beneath the surface
I look at picture and intend occasions of hugs more intense
no one can clip your wings tweety
its my pleasure to watch u flap your wings in an incline toward the clouds