So I know most folks wont understand but I know some of ya'll will.
I been a so called "Rapper" for the better portion of my life now. I started writing rhymes at 13, started battling at 15 and I been recording since I was 20. This is what I do, what I have done and will probably always do. Though it is my craft and what I believe to be my gift, it don't pay my bill so I gotta grind. I've been working since I was legal and it aint changing no time soon.

What I find is that as I grow older my desire and my hunger to do my music is so unyielding its hard to think straight sometimes. For one, time aint on my side. I know I aint gon be "twenty something" forever. My 28th birthday just passed in February so I'm bout to step into the ring with 30 real soon. But Sometimes, I find myself wishing I wasn't an artist, because it would make it so much easier to fall into the mold. But I don't want to fall in. I can't even imagine what kind of person I would be if I wasn't an artist. It has opened my mind and given me so much insight I don't think I'd even be the same. Though there are times I feel like my art hasn't always been beneficial, I know I wouldn't want it any other way.