Jabee -Chevy Bricktown Showcase Ep. 211

@mynameisjabee is showcased in this new series sponsered by Chevrolet.

There is so much soul coming out of this one guy that in many ways, Jabee transcends the ordinary local hip hop scene and takes it to another level occupied by poets and philosophers. He is an Oklahoma original with all of the necessary street cred established early on in his life. He rose above a tough childhood steeped in tragedy (his brother was killed at age 16) and escaped the cycle of violence and trouble to become an icon on the local music scene and beyond; sharing rhymes that are more about inspiration than self-inflation. In this episode he shares some of the events that shaped his path including a mom who believed in him and a school teacher that introduced him to the spotlight. Local indie band Horse Thief hangs with him at America's Pub in Bricktown to learn a little about where Jabee came from and what motivates him to take the mic every day.

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The Chevy Bricktown Showcase is a mini-documentary series produced by Griffin Marketing Solutions and the Oklahoma Chevy Team Dealers. It explores the vast wealth of talent emanating from the OKC music scene, inviting the viewer to come along and "hang with the band" for a day. Directed and produced by Tommy Smeltzer and Kevin Muir.