@ studio w/ Frank Black

So after a stressful day on the Job, I met with the homey Frank Black, (Follow @onefrankblack) to work on some music. Before I headed over there tho, I went to a nice haberdashery on the northside of the city. Im trying to get my wardrobe right before the summer official starts so I had to get a few essentials. Few Polos, a few graphic tees, and after a in depth conversation with my boy Soul on saturday, I had to get some black socks. So after poppin a few tags, I went to Frank's to get in the studio. So I let him hear a song I had written to a beat he made called "I dont Know". After he heard what I had to it he immediately began writing a follow up verse, which from what I heard was comin out dope. So after a few minutes of practice while Frank was still writing, a couple white guys popped up at Frank's door step. Two young scrawny looking kids just standing at the door looking to practice their new sales pitch, so we stepped to the door as the told us about a sales opportunity that could help them win a free trip to Australia. All we had to do was pay for some magazines?? NO DEAL. But they turned out to be hella cool, they just some young stoners tryna pay for school. But we let em hear a song we did and they dug it. We gave em some info about the music and made sure they voted for Frank's song "Next Episode" tonight on Wild 104.9. But anyway be on the look out for my next joint "I Dont Know" featuring Frank Black. Guaranteed instant classic!