Mind of an Emcee vol I

I hate the fact that emcees, these days have a harder time getting respect. Im not talking about for lyrics or for songs. What I mean is, not many listeners seem to respect the artistry anymore. I remember a time when being an MC was respected and it wasn't something people just looked over. Now in the saturated world of Hip Hop music, its difficult to distinguish yourself as an individual when people automatically categorize the music they listen to. I find it funny when I tell people that I rap, I always get comments about how all young black men wannabe a rapper. Honestly, I can understand these comments and yes it is true there are alot more young black males these days who claim to be rappers. Yet I choose to let my music speak for itself. My love for this culture began sometime ago when I was just a young kid writing down the emotions I was too afraid to talk about. For me, the music provided me a vehicle to express what was in my heart and on my soul. I don't see this music as a hobby to me. This culture has become my lifestyle and Im proud to say Hip Hop plays a major role in my life. I wouldnt be the man I am today, had I not become immersed in this culture. Though it is difficult sometimes to accept where the culture is now from where it was, I see alot of promise for its future.