On my moma, I aint never in my life rooted against a Dallas sports franchise, but come Tuesday for the first time in the history of my life I will be rooted for O.K. all the way. I was born and raised in Dallas until the age of 13. The lone star states culture and bravado was embedded into my soul from the day I was born. Against my will, I was moved to OKC by my parents in '97 and it took a long time for Oklahoma to feel like home. So from a homesick youngster I sat back and endured the onslaught of SOONER HATE. From the first time I saw a TUCK FEXUS t shirt or an upside down Texas Longhorn on the back of a Truck, I knew I had to keep it Texas all day every damn day. I never hated OU nor do many Texans, yet we fall victim to this hatred season in and season out. But from the day the OKC Thunder came to town, I been riding with em, and believing in the squad we got here. Watching Russell evolve, watching Ibaka progress, and Watching The Durantula Dominate every night. Not to mention KD came from University of TEXAS anyway(HI HATERS!! ;) 
So throughout this series, Im not gonna hate on the Mavericks because deep down, Im proud of D-Town too, and I wont stop loving the MAVS. But until this series is done............I HOPE THEY GET FUCKED UP!!! #THUNDER UP HOES!!!  DEUCES